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-Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East : vol. 1(Baird T. Spalding)

      "Mystic and metaphysical India produced her Avatars, Rama Krishna and Buddha, who brought Knowledge and Enlightenment to the world. Rational and Humanistic China brought forth her Great leaders Lao-Tse and Confucius, who brought to us the ideas of the Tao and of proper conduct. Utilitarian and artistic Japan gave birth to her brave Samurai and the ideas of Shintoism, loyalty, gratitude, endurance, knighthood, and beauty. In Egypt there was Hermes, the thrice great, the supposed son of Osiris and Isis, who became the father of mystic and esoteric brotherhoods of all lands, formulating the ideas of Knowledge (science), Wisdom, Love, Beauty, and Immortality. Persia produced an Avatar, Zoroaster, who taught the dualistic doctrine of the Good and Evil, and struck a keynote of purity for the world. In the land of the Hebrews, Moses became the Law giver and stood for righteousness. Greece produced the Great Orpheus, the supposed son of Apollo who brought a gospel of beauty. Rome produced no special Savior but gave the conception of law and order to the world. And finally Jesus brought to the world the great ideas of Love and Self-sacrifice and the Kingdom of God which is within, pointing the way to the coming of the new era of the new state of consciousness of the Brotherhood of Mankind. Thus, each era has its definite keynote, each brings us a new concept and yet we see the same unifying force everywhere. All point in the same direction, all have the same goal."

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