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     I would like to show gratitude and appreciation...Thank You, for becoming a Member of this site...Thank You, for choosing to be Here and Now...Thank You, for your Wisdom(If you are a Beginner, Please remember this,...All Teachers are Students of their Students)...And...Welcome, to this caravan of Pilgrims traveling down the path of Life...Welcome, to a Lasting Unity of One...Welcome, to a Universe of Thought.

      It is Our, the Members, responsibility to mold and move forward, this site. If you have a Question, ask. If you have Answers, answer. If you have a Thought, share it. Add it and Experience it. We are all here for the same reason, Growth and Understanding. No one is here to Judge. Open yourself to the One and be You. Leave a little note saying Hi, Its nice to get those informal introductions in so all will get to be welcomed.     


Blessings and Love are with you,


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