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Posted by Agarta on October 21, 2010 at 10:20 PM

     We begin our journey into the next evolution of the Human mind as an infant, only having the basics. We have our life force energy, our imagination, our emotions, and our desire. Fortunately, these are the components of creation. The Universal mind takes the place of your parental figure and does those things that you cannot yet do for yourself, you simply have to know how to ask. An infant will cry in order to ask for the fulfillment of a desire. Lets take a moment to look at this process. When an infant cries we must guess their desire. Is it hold me, feed me, change me, walk me, cuddle me, hold me up, too hot, too cold, too cramped, don't want to sleep and so on and so forth. After time both the parental figure and the infant learn to understand each other. Different cries for different desires. An infant will cry until the desire has been met or the desire changes. This is the same process when asking the Universal mind to fill your desire. One thought, one desire mixed with emotion. This is called forming an ideal. This ideal is your cry to the Universe. It is our job first to learn how. When we have a desire we cry because we are infants. We cry in the form of prayer or wishing, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn?t. When it doesn?t, we think that it was not meant to be. When it does, we feel, for the most part, short term happiness. The Universe, as a parental figure, wants us to be happy. It wants to fulfill our desires. This is called the One Principle. It is the job of the Universe to fulfill your desires, but it must be able to hear your cry and recognize your desire. Your emotion is your cry. This is what the Universe understands. If you feel the emotion of sorrow because you do not have, the Universe will not give. If you feel the joy of having, the Universe will give. This is what is called harmonizing your vibrational frequency with the Universe. Anger, sorrow, depression, and loneliness are a few of the lower frequency emotions. The Universe vibrates much higher in frequency and does not ?hear the cry? clearly. Love, happiness, joy, and bliss are a few of the higher frequency emotions and the Universe ?hears your cry? loud and clear. In order to begin making a connection to the Universal mind, you must practice harmonizing your vibrational frequency. As stated before the Universe ?hears? only the higher vibrational frequencies clearly therefore to maintain a connection or harmonization, your emotions must remain in the higher frequencies. This will be difficult at first, monitoring your emotions, but with practice and new learned responses it will become much easier. A very good place to start is paying attention to your emotions as they come to you. Recognize what they are and what caused them. You must understand that your emotions are yours and yours alone. No one or nothing can tell you how to feel. No one can make you sad or happy because they are your learned responses, not theirs. Feel compassion for those in pain, but remain in control of your own vibrational frequency. Find the way to make sadness become happiness. A very good way to help maintain the frequency is through gratitude and appreciation. Feel the emotions of gratitude and appreciation for what and whom you have in your life as often as possible. When you feel a lower vibration, recognize what it is and what truly caused it, find the happiness through the gratitude and appreciation of a better understanding and through practice and a little time your learned response will change making it easier to remain in a state of higher vibrational frequencies. Now the Universe can hear you. The Universe actually ?hears? all of your emotions to the intensity that you feel them and can, and does, work against you, as you would perceive it, and this is why. If you feel and maintain the feeling of not having enough you are telling the Universe that you don?t want enough and, because the Universe wants you to be happy and have what you desire it does not give you enough. This unfortunately can become a downward spiral. The Universe wants you to be happy and cannot understand your depression therefore continues to give you less and less until ultimately you die. Positive emotion brings positive results. Positive emotion gets the attention of the Universe stronger and faster than a negative emotion. Now that you have its attention, how do you say ?can I have abundance?? This is where it becomes a little more difficult. Visualize yourself living in abundance. See yourself having more than you need of all that you desire. Feel the emotions of gratitude and appreciation for having those desires already. With repetition of visualization and the emotion of having, your focus begins to sharpen. Your mental picture or movies become crystal clear and you believe without a doubt through the emotion of already having what you see as your desires, and your idea or desire becomes an ideal. This strengthens your connection to the higher vibrational frequencies and gives the Universe a better understanding of what you want. It is like saying to the Universe ?I would like a cookie? versus ?I would like a chewy, chocolate chip cookie with fudge chunks.? Once an ideal is created, let it go, knowing that it is already yours. Trust the Universe to put it in line for you. Then the Universe manifests it into the world of form. As an infant you do not understand how it manifests only that it does. The Universe will direct you to the things it has set for you and all you have to do is listen and act. Pay attention to your feelings and ?intuition?(that gut feeling). This is how the Universe communicates. You give emotion and it uses emotion to direct, so if you feel the need to do something and it feels positive, GO, DO IT. This is the process of the One Principle. Use the process for every desire you have. Practice using it. The Universe does not understand ?small? or ?large? only the ideal. Use it to receive the small things as well as the large or, as you may perceive, more complicated. Build and develop your visualizations to be sharper, clearer, and faster. Strengthen your positive emotions so you feel the higher vibrational frequencies stronger ands faster. The better you get the easier it will be for you to accomplish and you can move on to be a Kindergartner. As you practice drawing your desires to your life, you begin to realize you are actually looking toward the future and aligning yourself to receive. When you have developed the skills to draw all you, and those around you need or desire it becomes easier, cleaner, and faster. You will soon find you are stretching out to the community. It is at this point where you can see into the future, per say. When you can achieve a clear vision and the joy is full in you easily and quickly let it go. No longer focus on that desire. Obtain the clarity to the ideal and give it to the Universe joyfully knowing it has come to be, then quiet the mind in that clarity and watch its impact. See what changes and those affected by it. As you see problems, issues, or new opportunities to help, see it as you would your desires and be joyful in its manifestation and move on. One can affect the joy and prosperity of the World. When you reach that clarity of vision, you have lowered the brain frequency of your analytical mind and raised the vibrational frequency of your creative mind. This brings you into balance. Both sides of your brain are working together on the same frequency. This is known as the Alpha state. It is in this state where creation exists. Here, you can do anything you wish with a single directed thought. For those who have developed their belief in themselves and removed limitation and all forms of doubt from their mind, this book ends here. When you reach the clarity and emotional equivalent in an instant and your belief that what you desire will manifest is unwavering it will be instant. You no longer need even close your eyes. When you reach this point, you step into the World from School Child to Middle School. In your practice of bringing your ideal into focus you are reaching the Alpha State. When your focus is clear, stop all action in this state. Quiet your thoughts and just be. Go into this silence and emerge yourself in it. Pictures and/or thoughts will come to you, let them flow. You will find inspirations, knowledge, and wisdom. This is the Universal Internet or Akashic Records. It holds every idea, thought, or action that has ever been, it is a complete record of consciousness. When you begin this lesson of the mental computer, you may doubt where the information is coming from. Do not doubt or the two hemispheres of your brain will slip out of balance and the vibrational frequency will be lost. It is easy to return to this state, and will become automatic, the more, and longer you are there, but as long as you have doubt you will go no further. When the doubt is gone and you accept the knowledge being given to you, you will earn your ?library card.? You can always access information, even in the beginning but as long as you have doubt you will only get pieces. The process for looking up information is easy for some and difficult for others. When you are quiet in your Alpha state and the Universe is open, simply whisper your desire. Most people, when they think, it is in words and is not really audible in your mind. When I say whisper, I mean to make it audible in your mind as a whisper. This may take some practice. Use your analytical mind to whisper your desire to your creative mind then return to the silence. Your creative mind will then access the information from the Universe and will begin to give it to you via pictures and feelings. It will come to you as a completed understanding that may be difficult to put into words. Experience all of your senses while there and you will find a true meaning of reality. You are free to continue asking questions or begin a conversation if you like, the Universal mind will answer. Get to know this source. Soon you will come to understand that Everything is part of the whole or ONE. It is this oneness that locks the Alpha state in place and it remains open permanently. Now all that is needed is to begin the Ascension. Ascension is a philosophical word meaning, to go beyond the physical reality without mortal death or shortly after death, but either way the body is not left behind. Ascension is the next step of the evolution of the human mind. Once you have ascended, you are no longer bound by the physical reality, yet you may return and leave as you desire. When you ascend your body turns to light, and returns to the source but it can be retrieved at any time you wish. Because you took your body with you, you are just as physical as you wish to be. Ascension is achieved by raising the vibrational frequency of your body. You may notice, when you are creating or manifesting your desires you are actually lowering their vibrational frequencies in order to bring it into this reality. The opposite is true when sending things into the Universe. All things return, in natures time, as the molecules break free from their physical casing and are recycled or used to create something new. Think of a world where garbage and scrap were simply given back to the Universe. Again, this is achieved by raising the vibrational frequency of every molecule. When in your Alpha state see one molecule in your body, not your whole body because one is all you need. Focus on that molecule and see the energy as light, a golden white light. See the light grow in intensity as it vibrates faster. That molecule will make the molecules next to it raise in vibration as well and so on. There is no need to help it spread, just focus on the one. Within a short period of time, with some practice, every molecule will vibrate the same and will become light. This light is always present and is known as your Aura, however, when the vibrational frequency is raised this light becomes visible to all. When this state is reached, your body is perfect, as it was meant to be, young and vibrant, healthy and pure, in perfect shape and beautiful. Ascension occurs when your mind and body are vibrating as one at the same frequency as the Universe. In the example of the garbage being given back you may have realized that the molecules are separated and used. This may cause fear to creep into your mind. Yes, it is true that when you ascend the molecules in your physical body are given back to the Universe. The molecules in your body right now are always coming and going as it is, so let the fears go. Those specific molecules are not needed when ascended. You are a light being with true consciousness connected to the Universal mind. You can go anywhere and do anything in the process of learning the more detailed lessons of the Universe. If and/or when you choose to become physical you simply create the ideal or body, bring it into focus and lower your vibrational frequency. Ascension is the goal, the graduation from Earth school.

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8:06 PM on October 9, 2016 
This is wonderful information... please chsnge the color of the txt it is way too bright colored for me to see :-) keep on doing what yohr doing though. I followed you here from ATS! Lol im so into this kinda stuff. I was born woth abilities to see the dead. Like my granny when she passed. She came and sat on my bed. I got it from my mother cause when my mother came in she seen her sitting down too. My sister no matter how hard she tries to reject it cant deny that she also can see ghosts. Anyways just wanted to share!