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The Tabula Smaragdina, also known as, The Emerald Tablet

A little about me

     When I was 12 or 13 years of age, my Family took a vacation to Rome Italy. We visited the different ruins and I saw History with Awh, but it was St. Peters Cathedral that changed my life. As I was raised Roman Catholic and even served as an altar boy, It was truly a spiritual blessing to enter those walls. We were inside when St. Patricks day mass began. Pope John Paul II said mass in Latin. I did not speak Latin but could follow along just the same. When the Cardinals began to offer Communion I received my first “Calling”and at that point, that very moment, I knew I was to become a Spiritual Being, and I decided to become a priest. I began to not only read the Bible but Church history as well. Then puberty hit.
     Puberty for me, was more complicated than for most others. I was made fun of for the way I developed. My childhood desire to be the “Center of Attention” was magnified and I lost sight of my “Calling.” It wasn’t until I was 19 that I restarted my path of Spirituality. I was holding a weekly meditation group, using techniques I had learned in High School regarding visualization and relaxation, when I received my second “Calling.”
     I studied and researched everything from the Bible and Church Dogma to the Hebrew people, their language and customs, The Torah and the Qur’an. I then lost faith.  The Church tells us to be more like Jesus, yet when people began to “Awaken unto God” the Church labeled them witches and put them to death, just to maintain their own assumed power over society.  An exact mirror of the time of Jesus. My Spiritual studies slid from path to path that “lead to Enlightenment.” I studied Religion after Religion, belief after belief, culture after culture. I even studied Satanism, which believe it or not, still teaches Love. I took what I felt was “Truth” and left the rest behind.
     My research shifted into the study of the paranormal from Parapsychology and Metaphysics to Holistic Medicine and Quantum Physics. I read book after book on subjects such as E.S.P. , Clairvoyance, and Mental Telepathy. Then reincarnation, Astral Projection and Teleportation. Energies, Auras, Healing, etc. When I was 26, I received my third “Calling” and I became Ordained into a church that allows one to follow and teach their own path. I began teaching Spirituality in between all the mundane occurrences of life on the physical plane. Through teaching and listening to my own answers to questions posed to me, I had an Epiphany. All Religions teach the same basic Truths and Principals, this concept solidified in my mind. I began to retrace my studies in search of Truths that I may have missed and to find the “How-Tos.”
    In the studies of the paranormal and metaphysics, all the books said “Anyone can do this.” I understood the Human mind was the key. I knew that when God Created Man in his image, it was the Power of Creation not the Human form. We Humans have the ability to do anything we desire with a single concentrated thought. My question then became “How?”, for this was truly the way of Jesus.
     When I was 36, I had made a full circle and returned to study Jesus but, it was no longer to worship him for what he had done, but to learn only his teaching, along with the Buddha and Mohammad. It was that year that I was contacted and accepted into a secret society known to a very few as simply “The Society of Secrets.” The knowledge I received through this society helped me put all of my learnings into a puzzle and the pieces fell into place. I knew it long ago, but without it being in this “visual puzzle” I had not seen the whole “Truth” of it. I had always held God in Heaven which, I felt was somewhere else. This society helped me to release outside authority and accept the power within. I now Understand the Secrets of the Universe. It took many years to put together the puzzle of all my learnings and its power and beauty are beyond explanation. The Universe does not care about your doctrine or belief or if you are Religious or Atheist, it simply wishes for you the next evolutionary step of the Human mind. This site will take you from limited to limitless. As you read, learn, use and realize your power and oneness with God you will take that step into the next evolution of the Human mind.
                                                                   Peace and Love are with you,

                                                                          John Anthony Lewy                                          

P.S. The role of consciousness in our Universe is creation, not stagnation. 


     God is the divine principle flowing through you and is ALL. All that God is
YOU ARE. You are a Christ of God, a God-Man. All that God is, is for
God-Man to use.Thus when you can say I AM you are entitled to use All
substance in an unlimited capacity. The Human mind can do Anything it desires to do with a single directed thought.
     We are not going to get into techniques on how to prepare for using powers, because that should have been learned using and living the Law of Attraction. We are going to take a few examples of powers and give you a process in which to follow for each one. As stated before you have the ability to do anything. Throughout History, if you look hard enough, you will find people who have accomplished this. The flying monk, healers, shape shifters, levitaters, teleporters, mental telepathy, telekinesis, mediums, etc. etc. etc. They have shown the way.

     Teleportation uses visualization. This visualization must be as crystal clear as being there. Every detail must be realized. Every rock, tree, brick in every building, position of the Sun or Moon. You must also be able to perceive every part of all your senses. Once you have achieved this "picture" you simply "be there". If you do not succeed stop and remember, your lack of success is due to you limiting yourself and not BEING the One.
     Levitation uses both Energy and Visualization. First move the Energies of the Universe rapidly through your body from the Crown Chakra downward and onto the Earth. This helps in creating a magnetic field beneath you. Then feel that magnetic field push you up. Visualize yourself being lifted by helium balloons from beneath you. Don't open your eyes to check, this will make you loose concentration until you are proficient in the meditation. Always remember to lower yourself by decreasing the energy and visualize yourself coming to a soft landing. We don't want injuries. I will give you the understanding of flight once you have mastered levitation. It can be extremely dangerous, as loss of concentration can lead to injury or death.  
     The healing of another is one of the true selfless things you can do. It is the giving of energy to another for their well being. In the beginning, as you learn to heal, you go through a process of energy work. Then as you get better and release doubt within your own mind it becomes faster and more complete. First you place your dominant hand on the one to be healeds head, picture and feel a light blue (Water) energy flowing in your recessive hand through your body and down through the body of the one being healed. See it pushing black flakes out the bottoms of their feet. When you see the blue energy flowing clean and pure stop the flow and watch it drain from them. Second, bring in the yellow healing (Earth) energy in from your recessive hand and into their body through you dominant hand. This time see it pool in the body, not flowing out like the blue energy. See it fill them. Notice bright spots in the body, these are the points being healed. When the energy balances out to a uniform color open the gates of the feet and let it drain. Third and fourth, repeat the second step with white (Air) energy to purify the body and red (Fire) energy to fill with love and warmth. Always remember to give thanks to the One for their healing and rejoice in its success. By the way, if you will notice, I never said "Person". This is because it is the same for Rocks, Plants, and Animals as well as yourself.
     All things have a vibrational frequency. It is there whether or not you feel it. The vibrational frequency of the physical world is between 7.23MHz and 14.79MHz. The Human mind can think at 23.7MHz. This in no way limits the potential vibrational frequency. Invisibility is achieved by raising your bodies frequency to beyond this level. Fill your body with Golden white light. The more intense this energy is the higher the bodies vibrational frequency. Taking your vibrational frequency higher begins to turn you to light and can and will lead to ascension.
                                                                           -Shields and Protection-
     Creating a shield in order to protect yourself or others can be accomplished in two different ways. The first is the radiance of Love. Love, when generated strong enough, will cause the would be attacker to divert their attack either completely or cause them to turn on themselves. The second is by lowering the vibrational frequency of your aura (personal energy field) and/or the auras of others causing it to solidify. This is done by radiating your energy out to its farthest point and concentrating it. Both techniques take much practice.
                                                                               -Mental Telepathy-
     Mental telepathy is the ability to move objects with your mind. This is achieved by focusing you personal energy to a fine point and reaching out with it. Light switches are a good way to practice this. Focus on the switch, reach out with your energy and visualize it pulling on the switch. Try seeing your energy as a rubber band stretching tighter and tighter until the tension pulls the switch. Larger objects are just as easy. Size and weight are only relative to your personal doubt. Remember, Gravity only works when you need it to or by default if you are not choosing to turn it off.
     Telekinesis is achieved by going into the silence and connecting to the Akashic records, focusing in on the one you wish to communicate with and doing it. The same is true for remote viewing (watching someone or something from a distance) .
                                                                               -Fire or energy balls-
     All this is is generating large amounts of energy in a focused spot and throwing it. This should only be practiced on inanimate nonflammable objects. Higher beings have very little use for this because defense is preferred over offense.
                                                                                 -Seeing the Future-
     Seeing the future is done by entering the silence and the Akashic records, recognizing a path in which events are moving, applying that information to similar or identical paths from the path an seeing the outcome. Then taking that information and forming an educated guess. This sounds like a lot and time consuming but it actually happens in an instant if you are truly focused. Remember the future is not set and can be accepted, altered, or changed depending on the decisions made or actions taken. 
                                                                                   -Shape Shifting-
     With-in the Human DNA are the codes for every living thing from this planet, past or present. Your cell structure remembers all of it. Go into the silence, then the Akashic records, remember what it was like, choose to become and BE.
                                                                                 -Astral Projection-
     Projecting yourself astrally is done through a deep meditation. Make sure you are in a safe place that you will not be
bothered. If you are awoken your astral body will return in an instant and it can be disorientating. Feel your body becoming
heavier and heavier but at the same time feel your mind becoming lighter and lighter. Picture and feel yourself rising out of
your body. Your first several times you will feel one of two sensations just prior to the actual separation, spinning or shaking.
 These sensations can be severe. This is because your astral body is not used to being separate and has formed a strong
connection to your  physical body. Once you have gone through this period of spinning or shaking your astral body is free.
Movement and travel are controlled by your thoughts. You are not limited to locations or times during astral travel. In order
to return to your body you simply focus on returning to it and you are there.

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